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I'm thinking of selling Avon as another part time. I'm a vendor for an Hvac company i do get commission off and make 12.00 an hour and only work 24 hours a week I'm off Monday and Tuesday sometimes. I'm thinking of selling Avon because I'm going back to school next year so I'm trying to a car as well and I need money to pay for books and other expenses. Is Avon good for a part time ? How does the commission work when do you get paid ? Please No Rude Answers ?

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The key to Avon is to let as many people know that YOU are in business so whether that means creating baskets or selling to friends or family, let EVERYONE know that you are in business.

Here's a little more info for you if you are looking into becoming an Avon/Mark representative:

After five years with Avon, I have been fortunate to also have reached the highest level with Avon so I do know that this business works!!! I can honestly say that I have been able to earn at least $1000 every two weeks.This is not to say that the money comes easy, it takes alot of work in the beginning to earn this over time but you do have to be consistent and work towards your business on a daily basis. When I first started working with Avon, I was earning about $300 every two weeks. Now I have a team of more than 300 reps throughout the United States on my team and have been able to reach the highest level in Avon so anything is possible!

I was a full time college student when I first started, and married mother of three children, if I could do this so can you. The cost to join Avon is only $10, unlike MaryKay and some of direct sales companies you do not have to have parties or buy products up front and there is no sales quota. This is your business so you set the hours which work best for you! Avon allows you to order products at no cost to you upfront until after you have collected the money from your customers. I have also had the privilege to be featured as one of Avon's successful representatives this past year, my story can be found on under profile info.

There are two ways to earn with Avon. You can earn money by becoming a high seller or like me where I help other people start their Avon businesses in addition to selling, the choice is yours.

I hope I was able to provide you with some insight but if you happen to have any other questions please feel free to contact me directly.


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While I have not sold Avon personally, my daughter and a cousin have. My understanding is that you charge your customers a certain price, Avon sends you the product, and you send Avon in the money for the merchandise less a certain percentage, which is your commission. If you sell to family and friends, you may be ok, but both my daughter and my cousin were selling to people in the neighborhood and ran into people who ordered the merchandise, but when it arrived, did not have money to pay for it or no longer wanted it. Avon discourages getting the money up front when a person orders, so my daughter had to eat some of the merchandise cost (you can't return it once you have received it).

by Anna E - 11 months ago