How to sell I domain ?

Dear friends
I have a domain and want to sell please tell me what to do and where to register ??

waiting for your kind response

Thank you
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There are 3 ways to sell your domain :

1) Place a banner on your website that showing "WEBSITE FOR SALE"

2) Find a broker who is expert in selling a domain.

3) Third one is that here are some of the websites which is open platform on which one can post there websites or domain for selling. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. Here is the list :

e) and are many more


11 months ago

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It's quite simple: you add it for sale, we list it, someone buys it then you get the money.

It will be listed on both Sedo and NameMedia the two largest marketplaces and will also be listed as a premium domain with 123-reg. This means that it will be seen by a much wider audience and you will have a much better chance to sell a domain name. We are the UK's largest domain registrar and when someone searches for a domain name on the 123-reg search page we give suggestions of premium ones that are similar to what they are searching for. Yours will appear in these results as well as in the listings for the world's largest marketplaces.

You can sell a domain for however much you think it is worth and our pricing is very simple. However much it sells for, you will receive the sale price -30% which covers our fees including the selling and network charges.

by Mark L Clark - 11 months ago

The Godaddy auction is also popular place to sell moderate value domains.

by Jake - 11 months ago

Selling domain names is big business on the Internet. People purchase up names in hope that someone will want the name enough to pay high prices for it. Selling a domain you no longer use can earn you money. It may take a bit of patience but may well be worth your effort. Read on to learn more.

Decide by which method you are going to sell your domain. You can auction it off at sites like eBay. You can also use sites that sell your domain. These sites often take a percentage of the price you receive for your domain.

Set a price for the domain. Domains that are established and have back links go for higher prices than domains that have never actively been used. Be sure to figure in fees and commissions. You can order domain appraisals to see how much that domain name is worth.

Change the "Whois" for the domain. The "Whois" is where the owner's name and information is listed. Anyone has access to this information.

Promote the domain name. Regardless of how you are selling the domain, let people know you are selling it. The more people that know you are selling a domain, the greater your chances of selling it at the asked-for price.

Answer all inquiries. Even if the person asks if you will accept a price lower than you will take. Answer the inquiry giving the information and what you will accept.


by James - 10 months ago