Please Review my website?

I am trying to build a new website for my business and was hoping to see what others think. Please look it over and tell me if you like it and maybe what I should add or change.

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Hey there, First of all, Congrats! Your service offering is quite impressive. I reviewed the website and here are my observations

Website review

*Change the fonts - For example, Tahoma font, Bold words makes it difficult to read
*Make your website more colorful - The more colorful your website, the more attractive it will be
*Add Testimonials - You can add some testimonials from clients, this will add value to your site

Web traffic tips:

*Bookmark your website in major social bookmarking sites

*Get a Press release and submit it to PR distribution sites, this is the cheapest and most effective marketing tool. You can get this done as less as $5. This is my press release writing gig, check this out, it will help -

Thank you and All the best!

10 months ago

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To look more professional to your clients and to improve your search ranking:

Replace the gmail email address with a company address like: some domain name registrars provide email service or may be able to forward to the gmail account.

Get a physical address to place on the Contact Us page, this can help the strength of your local search ranking, even a PO Box would help. Be aware there are limits to the number of served cities you can mention before it being judged as spam by the search engines and actually hurting your ranking. Your list may be borderline, having a separate article on the architectural history of each city would be more respected way to get the mentions in.

A google places page may be one of the most important ways to be found in a search for a local service, too bad your one of those businesses that doesn't necessarily have a walk in office. They need a verifiable address or phone#?, PO Boxes used to work but don't now won't get you much ranking.

Notice the red A-G stick pins a search for: home inspection, Port Charlotte
brings up these are Google Places pages, there are Yahoo and Bing counterparts as well.

Some manage to use the street address of some supplier or associate company as the places page registration address.

To raise overall search ranking get some links from relevant sites, contractors, archetects, insurance companies, etc. local community site links like chamber of congress probably strengthen local search ranking as does being in all the online business directories you can manage.

by Jake - 10 months ago

Ggl and ppl loves more texts. Try to explain every point of your services (at least 2 sentences). Put in 2 colums table for nice view.
And, what is your advantage??? You need mention it!


by Thomas - 10 months ago