Question -- Do they have any builders or some software to help you develop that website?

I'm trying to make my sister a website for an event as a surprise. I haven't developed a website yet. So, I was wondering if they have a builder to help me do it? Like tools or something? I'm asking this before buying the domain.

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Yes they do have site builder. but it's premium. So you need to pay but prettu cheap.

Their Basic account cost you 1 USD per month and you get 5 page site, 8700 stock photos, one email account and 1 GB space plus 150 bandwidth. Well it's just 1 USD for u can give it try and cancel it if u don't like.

Find a Promo code from here so you can get a better offer for your domain and site builder package. Sometimes you can get a Domain for just 1 USD.

13 months ago

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They do not, but you can get services to build one for you. I use other cheap ones are intuit's websites (homestead powered)

my website is if you want to check out a shopify site.

by Michael - 13 months ago

There are many agencies which provides website development at very reasonable price and free guidance. You can contatc :

by Ram Narayan Pandey - 13 months ago