What's the benefit of low competition keywords?

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I hope this doesn't sound dumb, but how do finding the best high traffic-low competition keywords help make you money with your website? Are they solely for the purpose of acquiring an exact match domain, or are so supposed to include these keywords in your website content. I am so confused because I'm learning that I need to find these types of keywords, but when I find them, what do I do with them? Thank you so much!


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The advantage of low competition keywords is you can rank them faster and easily as compare to high competition keywords.

High competitive keyword are the keywords which has high search volume whereas low competition keywords has less search volume.


"android mobiles" can be a high competitive keyword whereas "android mobiles price in mumbai" is a low competitive keyword.
low competitive keyword are generally describe by region, specification so-on.whereas high competitive keyword are small tail keywords and can be used in a broad term. High competition and low competition is generally depends upon user searches over search engine.

Don't use exam match domain for high ranking as Google started penalizing for using broad keywords in domain. After the EMD update by Google

Optimizing your website via low competitive keyword, initially is a best practice to get high ranking for high competitive keyword in future. Because you can have a presence of "android mobiles" over search engines while using "android mobiles price in mumbai" in your webpage. Later, ones you started getting rank for this (low comp.) term, you can start focus on "android mobiles" term (high comp.)

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low competition not always good.

by Marcs - 13 months ago