How to get ads on my website?


I have a website.
It gets around 50-100 visitors daily

What I want to know is how much visitors I actually need to get ads

And how to get those ads on my website and make a little money

I can promote my website to get more visitors too...
But how can I get those ads .

Please explain in detail

Thanks for your help
I actually know about adsense ....
But I don't really know if they will allow my site with 50-100 daily visits ?

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heres what you need to do...
In order to get google ads, you need to have a page called privacy policy, in that page you have to detail out weather you are using any cookies or not, if yes, what porpose you are usng them for. If No, will you use them in future??
also the data or content you are having in your site, Is it legit, available for other ppl to use on their sites, with or without your permissions, also state where you got your content from.
the ads you are about to display, do they use cookies to track privacy of your visitors, yes or no.
and all that stuff. Also sites with illegal downloads dont get approved by google. If you are posting something thats downloadable, you need to prove it any how that you are responsible creator or copyright holder of that stuff or your content as well.

Just in case if you think I bragged a lot above, just google search for "privacy policy generator"
that a short cut method of geting privacy policy. more that 40- 50 unique visitors are enough to get approved by google ads,. and once you get more than 7 thousand visitors daily, you can get sponsored by brands names as they will contact you on thier own (only if the site is legit)
good luck !!

1 year ago