I need help selling on ebay?

Im going to sell an item on ebay in a Priority Mail Box O-BOX7, that i got from USPS. How do i calculate how much shipping is going to be when i price it on ebay and on the top right of the priority mail box it says "Priority mail postage required" in a small box, what does that mean? The label that i print from ebay or is it something else? Can someoe tell me how mjuch shipping is going to cost with that box, and where do i take the box to the people behind the counter or drop it off in a container?

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The priority mail box o-box7 would go by weight. The price depends on the weight and destination. If you have a postal scale or a small kitchen scale, weigh the item and the box together. When you go list the item on ebay, under shipping method choose priority mail and enter the weight of the package. Then ebay will automatically calculate the shipping price according to the distance of your buyer.
Once that is all setup on your ebay listing, when you sell the item, you can print the label directly from ebay and tape that label on the box and you can either schedule a free pickup at your home on or drop it off at the post office.

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