Should i add NOFollow to affiliate links?

The affiliate links do not have a No follow attribute with them. Should i add it?

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You should do this because if not Google will de-index the pages that has your affiliate links on them. Google doesn't like affiliate marketers nowadays as the claim to want to improve the search experience for its users. Definitely add nofollow.

1 year ago

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"We handle the vast majority of affiliate stuff correctly because if it is a large enough affiliate network we know about it and we handle it on our side. Even though we handle I believe the vast majority of affiliate links appropriately if you are at all worried about it, I would go ahead and just add the nofollow because you might be earning money from that." - Matt Cutts

Here's the video about this:

by George - 1 year ago

It's all your personal choice. There is no harm adding the nofollow unless otherwise stated in terms.


by trade - 1 year ago