can someone help me with an ebay question?

Im selling a necklace on ebay and have a reserve set for 75 and its only at 37.
should/can i place a bid myself (on a different account) to get my reserve met by other people so it can sell? it has less than a day left.

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If you watch Ebay bidding, 90% of the bids start coming in about the last hour and really come in about the last 2 or 3 minutes. Just let it go and then if it don't sell you can resist it at a lower reserve.

1 year ago

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IDK if people aren't willing to bid past $37, are you sure they will outbid $75?

by naughtydogg70 - 1 year ago

Bidding on your own item under a different account is called "shill bidding" and is illegal. If ebay finds out you do it they will ban your account(s).

If it doesn't sell, send a second chance offer to the highest bidder and if they still want it they can buy it. Or you can just relist it with a lower (or no) reserve.


by Jo Han - 1 year ago

Well if no one has offered to pay that much yet, there are no guarantees they will. Why don't you just lower the reserve? If you bid and win, what would be the point of putting it on auction?

by Jazzy Online - 1 year ago

Shill bidding is not a good idea. Which, maybe eBay doesn't mind as the higher the final price, the higher their fee.

I think you can cancel if there is at least 12 hours left in the auction. However, you're probably not going to get any more for it anywhere else. You could try listing it on Craigslist, or re-listing on eBay as a "Buy It Now" with a price of $75, instead of listing it as an auction.


by Phoenix 013 - 1 year ago

You cant do that. It is fraud. If you have a different account on the same computer, Ebay has your IP address. They wont call the police, but you will be removed from selling on Ebay. If your reserve is not met, you can still sell to highest bidder or relist the item at a lower reserve.

by Flower - 1 year ago