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    Daily Fluctuation Of Keywords!?

    I have a website and it has approximately 2000 pages but i am working on few pages maybe 9 or 10. but the keywords I am working on daily fluctuate their ranking on Google. Sometimes they are on 60s and sometimes in 90s. I am not getting what is going on over here? Can anyone please help me by gracing this question with an answer?
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    There are three situations at the same time here: 1. Now and then, Google refreshes its rankings and causes fluctuations. They are known as Google dances, and such changes are frequent then. 2. Since March 2012 Google takes your previous searches into consideration when showing you results, so what you see at #1 might be in position #12 for another visitor. 3. You are not alone on the Internet and not alone in search engine optimization efforts. Your competitors might be doing some SEO too, and that could be affecting the results.
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