What's the best way to make your blog...?

What's the best way to make your blog more popular?

I was thinking of doing it without promoting it. Because if I did, people would see it as just an advertisement, to a crappy blog.

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Hello, I have gone through your question and want to contribute some of my personal opinion. You can follow these steps to make you blog popular among the readers:
- Update your blog with unique and interesting content as a daily basis.
- You can share interesting images, infographs, videos in your blog to make it more interesting.
- Upload a nice and attractive theme in your blog.
- Install social share plugins in your blog, so that any ordinary visitor, who liked your blog, can share your blog in their social profiles. It can help your blog a lot.
- Social Media platforms can give your blog a maximum HIT. so promote your blog in your personal social sites like facebook, stumbleupon, twitter, digg, twitter etc :)


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