Why isnt my ebay item getting any views?

the first time i put the items i was selling they were selling like hot cakes but the item got removed because i violated the terms and conditions wich was saying if you are local do not pay with paypal (i didnt know that was not allowed) im new to selling on ebay and this was my first listing. i was still allowed to sell

recently i have re-listed the item i had to make a new selling draft and now the item is not doing good at all its been on for 7 days, had 2 views and im just curious why is not getting any views? when i first listed the item i had sold 11 by that time and had a good feedback from 10 who bought the item and the 11th hadn't bothered to leave feedback

does anyone know why i'm not getting any views or is this just how ebay works?

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Your violation has pushed your item way down the list. Search the identical item then change view to "best match" & see where you are. Most buyers will only search a few pages of listings, if you're #800 in a list of 1,000 listings then nobody will find you.
Ebay doesn't alowl the use of M.O., CK etc to circumvent paypal, 99% of buyers use paypal for its ease of use & buyer protection.


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I thought you had to offer paypal as a form of payment, saying to people who live locally not to use paypal would go against ebays t&c. As for why your items aren't getting many views, there could be a whole host of reasons.

Check against similar listings:
Are they offering the items cheaper?
Better quality images?
You wording of the auction title (This will be the first thing that potential visitors will see in the search results, so needs to be optimized)
Buy-it now auctions

by Charlie - 1 year ago

something i learned recently might help you.

listing an item on ebay for sale / auction does NOT mean that when ebay displays the search results from a search request that your item gets included

it is easy enough for them to do, they flagged you and pulled your original ad, which changed a condition in their database.

an algorithm could stop yours from showing except for your ip address which is an auto capture

by J - 1 year ago

You cannot tell the buyers to use an alternative method of payment that is not approved by Ebay. Ebay owns Paypal and makes 3% on you when someone pays with Paypal. The exception is for merchants who accept direct payment with credit cards.

You can put in the seller instructions the same thing worded so that it does not look like what you wrote before. For example, I take money orders but I cant say that, so I put M.O. in the checkout instructions.

Post the link to your item so we can see what you can improve upon. We cant tell you if we cant see it.

by Flower - 1 year ago

You will need to post ads and drive traffic to your listings. You can also let family and friends know what you have to sell. How about using other social media such as Facebook and Twitter to let people know.


by Cooper - 1 year ago