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    How do I remove negative links about me from search engines?

    I was recently the victim of an internet harassment/bullying campaign involving a video link (which is no longer active) and several chat rooms posting derogatory comments about the video. How do I remove these links from google and yahoo search results? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
    6 months ago 1 Answer

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    You can't remove them through the search engines, you have to go to the source, perhaps threatening legal action, Cease and desist orders might be appropriate, those comments don;t sound illegal so they are not really required to remove them. If they or the pages they existed on are removed at the source, search engines will eventually remove their cached copies. When a big name has such issues and can't get it removed, they may employ a reputation management service, after their crisis negotiators and lawyers fail the last resort would be to create new and promote existing good content to get it to rank higher in the search results, pushing the bad stuff off page 1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reputation.com reputation.com personal & business
    a few seconds ago

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