If you have a business website hosted for free,do u do good business & how does your site get exposure?

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I wouldn't put a business website on any free host. Hosting is so cheap that you shouldn't even think of using free hosting.

The host I use is I host 2 websites with them for $4.00/per month. That's dirt cheap. And there are ways of checking to see who's hosting your website. And a lot of people will be turned off to your website/business if they find out your using free hosting for a business.

Plus with free web hosting you never know when they could shut down taking your website/data with it. That coupled with lots of downtime. Free hosting, isn't worth it. Get a paid host and you should get much better service and quality.


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If you at least invested $12 a year for a professional domain name it could be made to resemble a paid site. You will find though that successful businesses don't entrust their considerable investment of effort on a site that can be shut down on the whim of a free host, that custom domain name actually allows you to more or less relocate the site to a new host with a minimal interruption of search traffic, etc.

Many web site business fail regardless of the host they use, still the internet is a great opportunity to try a venture without investing thousands in setting up a real world store. Getting prospects to your site is often the greatest challenge, and for some businesses is the single biggest expense.

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