G-Adsense "Form of Payment" Help!?

I have made over $10 on google adsense. I have verified my address. I want to use a form of payment which sends a check in the mail. My only form of payment requires me to use my banking account which I don't wish to use. But I guess it's logical to be forced to use that info. Is there a form of payment which doesn't require me to use my bank account info? If so, How do I access it? As of now I have 1 alert which brings me to bank acoount info. I have tax information. BTW I'm young. So I don't want the "GET A REAL JOB" BullSHIT. Thnx...

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Yea if your under 18 you might have needed to get a parent to sign up on your behalf...

There's a serious problem with fraud on Adsense, they want to be able to confirm your identify to prevent banned publishers from sneaking back into the program, In the US you pretty well need to have the bank account. You know the actual payout is after hitting $100, though they may confirm payment methods after a certain minimal earning level is reached.

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