Want to know if network marketing works and somebody who has made money out of it should answer me.?

Who knows about SFI Marketing Group and is an affiliate who has made money from the scheme?

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Being affiliate based you will be getting some unrealistically glowing reports.

Maintaining an A+ BBB rating, only 13 complaints filed with them in 3 years. Odd web address for the Lincoln, NE business listed.

5 year associate: 'Do Not Trust SFI Marketing Group Program'

4 year old complaints

8 year old mix of comments, once called "Six Figure Income"

1 year ago

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Any time you describe something as a "scheme", the people who make money on it are at the top..

If you're asking about whether you're at the top or can get there, you're not, and can't. MLM only works out for the top fo the ladder, which is why it becomes more and more of a scam the bigger and deeper it gets.

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