Why wont people visit my website?

I run a website called and this is the first time I've done this type of thing. Firstly, I wanna know how to get more people to visit my site. Secondly, if there's anything you think I should change on the site itself please give me all the tips you have. I tried to make the navigation as easy as possible. So any constructive tips would be great, Thanks!
If you wanna see my website, go to
Also, I don't have much money to spend. So the cheaper way to gain more traffic the better. Thanks!

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I don't really get your website: Are you posting videos you find on youtube to your website?
If this is the case, I don't really get the value of visiting your site.

Are you a snowboarder? Are there sites you like to visit? Why?

I suggest you put some more thought into your site: Think of ways you can organize your videos into unique categories. Have a variety of video categories. Some ideas: top 10 greatest wipeouts; Top 5 up and coming starts; Greatest urban snowboarding videos; Hottest guys/girls on snowboards; etc.

Create a twitter and Facebook account that link to your site. Update your site daily. Make your site fun!

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advertise your site on different sites. Try and pay for advertising on Google.

by Robby - 1 year ago

The amount of original content is quite thin, (I assume those are other people's youtubes) find ways to put in more lengthy text, that's primarily what search engines find you through, perhaps a couple paragraphs on each video. That's quite a number of videos on your home page, slower connections like 300kb DSL would take around 30 seconds just to get the preview images. Reducing the number of videos on any one page or using some player setup that has pre-rendered preview images would help the load speed, which is a search rank factor and also lowers visitor bounce rate.
Alternatively you could break videos into small category groups to increase average page load speed. try to add some full length 500 word articles to broaden the number of searches you can be found under.

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by Jake - 1 year ago

Content is key.

by Jonathan - 1 year ago

Forum has great source of Traffic ...

by ozier - 1 year ago