PLease help me write a persuasive message to my business partner to convince her to add free shipping?

We have a small flower shop business together and I want to suggest her why we should add this for our customers.

1 year ago - 4 answers

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you should try comparing yourself with competing flower businesses, tell her that if you provide a service the competing businesses dont have, youll have the upper hand in your area. so it will actually increase sales.
yes, it will be costly at first, but later it will actually start to get better with time.
and personally i always order from flower shops with free shipping.

1 year ago

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I think youre hot. I want you to have our kids. If youre not into that, would you atleast consider free shipping?

by abbysmom - 1 year ago

Personally I wouldn't as shipping costs a fortune - i agree with your partner.

by John - 1 year ago

Can you prove that adding free shipping will increase business? If not, she's not going to listen to you. How much business are you losing because you don't offer free shipping? She's looking at the business expenses, then you must state your case for adding it. Writing her a letter isn't going to change her mind.

by G N A - 1 year ago