How cheap can I get ppc advertizing for noncompetitive keywords?

What's the cheapest ppc advertizing that I could get for a fairly low competition keyword and location? For instance, if I wanted to advertize "basket weaving" only to people living in Alaska, how much could I expect to pay per click and what provider gives the best deals?

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It still can vary considerably depending on the source, Google Adwords search ads may be one of the highest priced but also best converting with proper keyword selection, I don't really know how cheap they can get now, maybe a quarter? Facebook is less because it's less well targeted, 2nd, 3rd tier ad networks are even less, but you might find they don't necessarily make for more profits.

If you get an Adwords account $10 deposit, maybe with a $30 - $100 first time user voucher, you would get a cost column added to the keyword tool.

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1cents per click - i pay 1p as i'm from the UK per i'm sure you could get it for 1cents per click....obviously you might get less traffic - but there is no harm in setting up a campaign - the worst that can happen is nobody sees/clicks on your ad - result it doesn't cost you anything.

by John - 1 year ago

There is no definite answer to this but some go as low as about $0.005 to $0.05 per click or even more. You can research different PPC packages offered by different SEO companies on Google and find the one which suits you best. Most PPC packages are very cheap for the details you provided but you will have to confirm with the companies before getting into this. PPC can become very expensive very quickly so you'll need to take care about this before you commit.

Hal Smith
URLdreamer Consultant

by Hal Smith - 1 year ago