What are some good ideas for a fundraiser?

Okay so I'm very passionate about charities and I love to help people and I have a foundation called The Christ Foundation and it has numbers of charities on it like cancer charity,homeless charity, animal and child abuse charity,bullying charity, and a solider charity but I've been having trouble trying to find ways to raise money for these charities if anyone can give me an idea that would be so amazing! God bless you! Please help!

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Shoveling snow, a bake sale, or washing cars off, from the snow ^.^


1 year ago

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Why are you asking here?
The person to ask is the charity leader.
They would have a person in charge of fundraising that could give you ideas?
Goodness, why bother asking here at all?

by Go with the flow - 1 year ago

Protend your deff walk around with little booklets in the parking lot of bestbuy and give them cards saying hi im deff im trying to raise money for my family and make them buy you're booklets and make noises like you can't hear you're self talk people can't resist


by Mike - 1 year ago