Best way to teach basic SEO?

I taught myself SEO and want to help others understand and utilize it affordably. I am considering offering a short class (60 - 90 minutes) over a lunch hour to explain basic rules for folks to do themselves or have their website designer do it.
Since I don't work for a big SEO company (many of whom charge exhorbitant fees), do you think people would be willing to pay $50 ($10 would include lunch at local restaurant - places that have conference type rooms) to hear my lecture? I'm a nobody but I figure many would be willing to spend that over $1,500 or much more many pay to a company instead.

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Yes, $50 sounds like a reasonable price for a lunch seminar. You just need to figure out how to publicize your event, and you'll should have people register and pay in advance.

Other ideas:
-- Rent a conference room at a hotel (maybe a business class hotel such as Hampton Inn) and have the hotel provide basic refreshments. You can hold it in the morning, afternoon, evening or weekend as well as for lunch.
-- Rent a conference room at an office rental place like HQ (see
-- Hold your workshop through one of those non-credit places like The Learning Tree, so you'd get publicity through them.
-- Hold it at a community center or community college.
-- Make a webcast or podcast (you can do this using ) and offer it online through all kinds of places, such as iTunes or your own website.

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A roundabout answer, look into using to recruit people, some paid lecture companies use them often with free teaser meetings where you can sell yourself first.

by Jake - 1 year ago

The only problem you would sometimes come up against is people not wanting or having time to do SEO themselves.

Why don't you charge $1500 and do it for businesses? Are your skills not worth this?

Maybe you should have more faith in your skills and value yourself more than you do.

by Richard P Best - 1 year ago

For a start, you should visit some good SEO conference. Check

by ana - 2 days ago