Somebody Thag knows Ebay help!!!!?

So right now im scared as he'll. I just bought sneakers off Ebay for 190 with free shipping. This guys feedback was very very very good. I mean like over 50 pages of feedback so I was confident in buying (first time buying from Ebay) After I paid I just went to see his ratings again and I see that one name gave feedback multiple times consistently , actually filled up 1 whole page. Then I see another name.doing the same thing. Now im worried about what I will get in the mail. Or will I ever get anything in the mail. What should I do ? I don't want to loose my money.

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Don't worry you are safe under ebay buyer protection if the item is not as described or never received you got refund all your money plus your shipping fees, also if the seller got more good than bad feedback's you can trust him/her you know is kind of hard to make everybody happy if the feedback is currently 100% this means the bad feedback was left more than a year back and after that seller have 100's of good ratings this means is a good seller don't worry good luck.

1 year ago