How do I get into porn?

Yea that's right, how do I get into the porn industry? I went to high school with a chick who is now a porn star so I thought why not give it a try. I'm a very good looking guy with an above average sized you know what! I'm also very very experienced and almost 20 years old with a medium athletic built body. I also have a few tattoos and can last for over 45 minutes of sex. Is this what they look for? What do they look for? Can anyone help me out!?
Oh and no negative comments. If you can't help then don't answer the question! Move on to the next one please I would like not to get shit for this, haha

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I watched a documentary on it once. Seems like there are a few guys who can make some money at it, but it is pretty hard (no pun intended) low paying overall.

The crucial skill is to be able to get it up in almost any situation and keep it there on command!

I think you would have to just find those companies and start banging on doors.

1 year ago

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Get a lot of money and start your own. I doubt anyone is really looking for a dude, unless you want to do gay stuff. Ever notice it is usually the same dude or just a couple of same dudes from the same company? You get my point.

by Anthony - 1 year ago