How get visitors to my site fast?

I don't have any visitors to my site after some day whay .......

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There is a fast way and a slow way to generate traffic to your website.

The fast way is obviously via the paid road. You can create a Google Adword, Facebook Ad, SumbleUpon Discovery, Reddit Ad, Twitter Sponsor Tweets to generate a good amount of traffic. However, it will be costly.

The slower way and obviously the cheaper way is using SEO. Create good content, optimize it for SEO on page and off page, share on Social Media and etc. This is an on going process and is not a one time thing.

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I couldn’t wait to write this post because the results I’m about to show you probably go against many of your opinions about search engine optimization today.

If you’ve been following me closely, you already know I’m not a fan of aggressive backlink building.

I’ve always found it to be a tedious task that leads to short term results for the most part.

Having said that, I’m not against SEO and focusing on the right kind of backlink building.

For example, growing your brand and building relationships by writing guest posts on high quality, relevant blogs or any kind of natural link building that abides by Google’s guidelines is fine.

I just personally don’t believe in spending loads of time chasing backlinks.

As a result, a lot of people have criticized my stance on this, stating that I never had to focus on it much because some of my sites are mature and have an advantage.

While having an early start played a tremendous role in my success, I am still finding that today, quality content in the right niche still works for SEO.

by Creative - 1 year ago

One of the ways I get fast traffic to my websites is via Paid Search Traffic!

Check out sites like:

Often times, with the right audience and can easily get a few 1,000's visitors to your site for less than $50 dollars and built your email list just as easily....

by Dawson Dravis - 1 year ago