Should Online Advertising be Illegal ?

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I dont like how they have vevo on youtube now

1 year ago

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if you really don't want It to be around there should be an option to turn it off for free

by Michael - 1 year ago

LIke many other forms of media, advertising helps pay the bills - hosting, content creation, licensing fees etc. If you ban advertising, still have to pay the bills somehow.

by ? - 1 year ago

Without the advertising you would have to pay more for the service.
I wish they would stick to the side of the screen though. The ones that pop up in the middle of the screen while you are reading make me annoyed enough to cancel my broadband.

by DR + Mrs Bears face - 1 year ago

Only if they make you illegal.

by John Ashtone - 1 year ago

PLEASE contact me

by Lucildo - 1 year ago