What publishing companies will help me?

I have an unusual book genera that I like to call collagebooks. I have been trying to find a publisher to contact that may be interested in what I have to offer. If anyone can give me someone to email and a little bit of information about them and their companies products, that would be wonderful. You should know though, I don't have any income, so I would not be able to pitch in much at all as far as publication costs go.

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These are not the best times for conventional publishers, it's always been difficult for a complete unknown to get their attention, more so now. Self publishing is a possibility, getting a Kindle title onto Amazon is not too tough.

There's one one woman writing some fantasy stuff along the lines of harry potter who is making a nice living self publishing her work. These days with print on demand services that can print any number of books as needed and digital downloads you can get your work out there without a publisher grabbing the lion's share of the revenues. Look into publishing for Amazon Kindle, Amazon is your publisher in that case. I believe you have to pay about $200 to get an ISBN# for a physical book that could be sold on Amazon, one advantage, you might show up in certain other indexes, like Google books.

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Online Print On Demand Publishers - they also handle drop shipping to USA (overseas orders cost considerably more)

Anthony Rowe is the largest print on demand publisher for the UK and Europe:

You have to pay about $200 for an ISBN# for a physical book

You can find helpful articles through the search engines like: is a simple shopping cart for clothing and tee designers, bands, record labels, jewelry makers, crafters, and other artists. Perhaps it's right for your alternate format.

Some writer resources I had noted
Teenink - For self-published authors
Mibba - young writes share. pier reviews of poetry, short stories, novels, scripts, and screenplays
Youngwriterssociety - Poetry & Writing Community
Authonomy - booklovers

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Contact with local publishing companies or join forums for getting good publisher.

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