Putting a rss link on your blog!!I need to know how!!Any help would be great!!?

I am trying to put an RSS feed link on my blog.I have a blog at have tried many different things.And done different stuff from answers from blogger help and other places and still no success.If anyone could give some easy how to's.That would be great.

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you should automaticaly have a feedburner account with your google account. it used to be you had to manually login to feedburner and create a feed for your blog. now i believe if you go on the right sidebar and click one of your widgets there should be an option for subscribe to this blog by email. you click that and it will automatically create a feed for you and tell you what your feed address is so you can share it with others or submt it to feed directories. there will also be a tab on your blog/site whgere people can submit an email address to subscribe to receive all your posts by email


1 year ago

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From you blog dashboard, go to Layout, choose a location you'd like to display the feed,click on "add a gadget", find the "Feed" from the list, add it, paste in the feed url you have, done.

by Mark L. - 1 year ago