Best Place to sell website?

I've had this since April 2006, and a couple months ago I got very upset w/Google and deleted my account with them. Yeah, wasn't thinking that my Google Adsense account was associated and now I can't manage my ads. To be honest I don't have to time that the site needs to keep up a good traffic rate etc.

Traffic stats from last year.
MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 201225075140221051231496.12 GB
Feb 201226444629136941229273.59 GB
Mar 20122254398721762968579.71 GB
Apr 201219343532122031180104.48 GB
May 20122178356310997927545.14 GB
Jun 20122762451510943713883.06 GB
Jul 20123585619512807660434.58 GB
Aug 20123963704817266756498.10 GB
Sep 20123643606914350800624.71 GB
Oct 20124577753215398897163.61 GB
Nov 20125338918719520817944.42 GB
Dec 201258561027520912767484.76 GB

Total4124171672191957109509762.28 GB

Can anyone tell me what the site is worth or where the best place to sell it? I have researched but just can't make my mind up on which place is best, any suggestions.

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Interesting niche, is the biggest web business marketplace, tyically you should be able to document traffic and monthly revenue and have honest page rank and traffic stats. If you lost hosting then the Godaddy auction might do, they like aged domains.

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Flippa is a good site specifically for selling websites, but don't forget eBay as well.
You may be able to sell it for a higher price if you share the revenue you were making from it with AdSense and whatever other means of monetizing the site you have.
I also found this article (last link below) about advantages and disadvantages of Flippa.
Hope this helps!


by wright_david1 - 1 year ago