How do you tell if an IPhone giveaway website is a scam?

I have always wanted an IPhone 5 and there are always some websites that pop out of nowhere saying that I have a chance to win a free IPhone 5. I'm a little scared that its just a scam or a fake website and I don't know how to tell if the website is fake or real. Please help. P.S where can I get a very cheap IPhone 5?

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Those websites are always a scam. That has happened to me a million times. Congratulations you have won a free IPhone 5 or IPad just please tell us where to send it. It just goes into survey after survey and asks for you address and phone number and keeps spamming your cell phone and email. You can probably get a cheap IPhone 5 on eBay. But the plan is more expensive then the actual phone. Or you can get it on Quibids or Craigslist.

1 year ago

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you can tell they are fake by the fact they claim to give away an iphone.

by Erik - 1 year ago

It is 100% scam, trust me

by Reg - 1 year ago