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    How much money do you make per click on squidoo?

    I wanted to start to do lens to make a like extra money but how much do you earn per click?
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    They have a somewhat complicated number of revenue options, I'm better acquainted with Hubpages that has a 60/40 split (in your favor) the payout from those Adsense ads varies considerably on how 'hot' a search term brought the ad up, might be something like a dime or 2 a click, I don't know that many people make a living from it, even those with 100+ pages. Squidoo seems to have a 50/50 split, you would be better off crating your own blog, you woul have to work a bit harder promoting it, but if you treated it like a real publication you might make eletric bill money. Google's free Blogger.com hosting exists so more people can create Adsense ads, they don't take any extra hosting cut like squidoo or hubpages who actually divide clicks to make accounting easier.
    a few seconds ago

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    • is squidoo a better way of saying squirtward from sponge bob? i didn't know u can make money by acting like squidward. tnx sister

      by Jeo Sky - 19 hours ago

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