Help with creating a website?

Hey guys just a quick question:
If I create my own website using adobe dreamweaver, do I still have to pay to get a .com domain name?
If I have to pay? Who do I pay?

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The better web hosting services will give you 1 free domain name registration as a bonus when you sign up to use their service.

I recommend for web hosting and they do give you a free domain name registration. I hear good things about Hostgator as well. I don't recommend GoDaddy as strongly for web hosting, although they are not terrible - it's really a secondary thing with them - they are mostly about buying and selling domain names and domain services.

You'll find that BlueHost is always in the top 3 spot on the honest (no bribes) website hosting service review sites.

Hope this helps....
_jim coe


1 year ago

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It's way to difficult to start up a website. First you need to create a catchy name, than you need to buy the domain, pay for hosting, set up the website, get seo, pay people to do seo, and etc. If you're new you'd be better off buying a website like it's easy to remember and the domain and hosting is already payed for and ontop of all of that there are a ton of backlinks to it.


by Jon - 1 year ago

Yes, you still need a domain name and hosting. I recommend godaddy or name heap for the domain name and hostgator for hosting.

by Chad - 1 year ago

My friend why don't you just use web service that has it all in one place ilke Go daddy or they are both great companies that have one stop shops to get your website up and running at very affordable pricing.


by Paul - 1 year ago