Can i trust this site?

Are they real? Can they be trusted with my credit card information?

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It's highly unlikely, though their using a paid registration proxy to register the domain name prevents definitively identifying the real owner, the 8 month old site has all the earmarks of a Chinese counterfeit site, your foolish to give money to any web site with no identifying phone# or address, which any real authorized dealer would have, along with more realistic prices.

It does have some Google page rank showing other sites have linked to it, either interested parties or fake search rank manipulation. I spot checked and found generic spam comments on unrelated sites probably automated robot generated, typical of search spam:

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An automated site rating service gives it a 0 rating, mentioning "Site is Germany based , But The Real Location is Being Hidden"
WOT rating very poor

These other Chinese language sites are hosted on the same very slow server.

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