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    Is GoDaddy.com a good choice?

    In the very near future I want to register a domain name & a website. Is GoDaddy.com a good choice?
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    Not really, unless you are going to pay for a dedicated server. For shared hosting, Godaddy has way too many sites running on each server which causes slow load times and other problems. Part of your choice will depend on how you are going to build the site. Will you use a cms or code it yourself? Do you want Windows or Linux servers? What kind of e-mail capabilities do you need? Do you need a host that allows server side storage of videos? Registering the domain with Godaddy shouldn't be a problem. But unless you plan to spend the money for a dedicated server, you need to check out all the other options depending on what type of site you plan to have.
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    • Hello Dear, I love GoDaddy. It’s amazing or good choice for you!!

      by Samuel ken - 14 hours ago

    • I used Namecheap. According to the domain registrars, the longest legal domain name is 63 characters starting with a letter or number. Such a long domain name is very difficult to remember, I have been registered from 1 to 36, www.123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930313233343536.com, a number of the largest is 36, and the total length is 63, quite a coincidence. And in order to facilitate direct input 1to36 replaced means you enter http://www.1to36.com, you can access it. I put 36 lines on the homepage. User can purchase anyone and i will publish them. But i'm not familiar with the promotion. Can you help me publish such information to your familiar forum or other friends? Thank you very much. Best Regards.

      by karn7273 - 14 hours ago

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