How do we advertise our website?

Me and some friends made a website where we make beats for people
How can we get some people to come view our website

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Build lots and lots of backlinks.
The more links you have,the more folks will see your site.
You can start out with high page rank backlinks that you can do yourself.
You could try buying a few from,but if you do it this way you will know that it is done correctly.
Some of these links are dead,but use what you can.
The higher the page rank that your back links are the higher your site will be ranked.Bookmarks are very good,no matter what field you are in.
These are some freebies that helped me out.Good luck.
Here are a few quickies
Bookmark every post for extra zing


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Create a page on this social network

by Javier - 1 year ago

try technorati
to know more visit

by Golam Rabbi - 2 months ago