I need to create an ecommerce website but i have no knowledge about websites and how they work?

Okay so i make vases and flower jewelry and stuff and i want to sell it online on my own store. The problem is i have no knowledge about how websites work, i was googling and found out that there are separate processes to get a shopping cart and stuff?

Please guide me on this, i know i need to register a domain name because i want a private domain name, but i don't know how web hosting works? or how to hide my personal details on my website or have a secure and stable website. Also i need a shopping cart and i a lot of pages on my website because i will be putting up a lot of my products. I need A-Z guidance on this. Looking forward to positive replies. Thank you.

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It is actually really easy to get it set up. I recommend using wordpress for the framework and using some basic shared or dedicated hosting depending on your budget. Perhaps start out with shared hosting and upgrade when it's necessary.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial to set up WordPress:

Then just install WooCommerce which easily allows you to add payment methods, products (with all options like shipping, tax etc). You can get it here:

Both WordPress and WooCommerce are free and easy to set up. It is really easy to add WooCommerce to WordPress just add it to the plugins folder and click enable!

I hope this helps! :)

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Hi, I had the same issue about a week ago, I spent 3 days trying
to find the right site.

A friend of mine just started a website: Domain-Outlet


The site is backed by 1 of the top 5 domain companies
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He keeps his prices lower than everyone else, pays
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It's a solid site, I've hosted 2 websites through his site
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I would personally take a look at this plan for yourself:


You can add 50 pages to your site, unlimited transfer & email accounts
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If that doesn't work, he has a bit more expensive options that give you
Unlimited pages and domain registration, take a look. He's also got
cheaper options too.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!! =)

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We have written a series of articles to help answer all your questions. Please feel free to check them out and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

You might want to consider a single company to manage your hosting, design, domains etc. Since they have experience in all aspects to create a successful experience for you and your company. Please let us know if there is anything we can assist with.

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Find the best hosting for ecommerce websites - from my experience, it is - I find them to be the best value for money, and have all the features needed for someone who is a beginner and also a professional.

Secondly, register the domain name (like - and activate your hosting.

thirdly, select a system to sell online - I use WordPress to create ecommerce sites - but you can use other ways - With WordPress, after you install it on the server (which is very easy, and allows you to do it with one click), then you simply find a "theme" for ecommmerce and a plugin - this lets you easily upload your products and set prices, and get money via Paypal or other payment systems.


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first time, you have to know about, How to work website and so on. Frankly, i will suggest, you need a basic about website hosting works.


by last man - 1 year ago

The best thing to do is to find a web host that will work WITH you to get everything set up the way you want. They can guide you on getting the domain, the domain privacy, getting the e-commerce site setup etc. Contact the guys over at Reliabox and they can help you will all of this, they are very helpful and their hosting has a lot of different options for 1 click installs.


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Hey Buddy,

You might get some help from

Best Regards

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