How to get sales on my website?

My website sells affordable fashion jewellery with free delivery for those that want to treat themselves without going to the shops.

I've had great feedback on my prices and until I get more sales I can't afford to lower them.

I need some advice on my website as I've had loads of views but barely any sales. As I'm biased I can't work out why people aren't ordering? I've had 7k website views in 3.5 months so I feel that my advertising is doing well but is my website off-putting to people?

I use a website designer called 1 and 1 so I'm a bit limited to what I can do, and also I have little HTML knowledge. i wanted to have my products side to side but I've tried everything and can't work out how to do it.

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I have to assume the 'made for free' 2 and 1 sites are using generic templates, yours doesn't look super professional, the decorative background has the feel of a free blog background, the white background jewelry photos on the gray background is not great, don't know if it's a big sales factor.

You should have larger detailed photos of each product, typically popping up when the click the initial small image. .png files can be given a transparent background that would blend with the background, I would just change the site design to a which background to improve text readability, sometimes prettyness conflicts with sales effectiveness.

I would suggest adding a little description for each piece, showing your touch.

The bounce rate of a site is a factor, it takes a few seconds for your home page slide show to load properly on first visit, if you clear your browser cache you might see this when you access the page. People will leave impatiently leave a site that takes more than a few seconds to load, I believe one report suggested that a 5 second load time may lose 20% of visitors. Your images are actually larger than on screen, if you pre-scaled the images to the on page distentions and perhaps cranked down compress quality a bit you could halve the load time of the slide show.

Big time store sites do careful sales conversion optimization with user tracking and 'split testing" trying out 2 different web design variations on alternate users to see which gets more positive response, like clicking to the next stage. Just changes like changing the color of a but button can make a measurable difference. These guys have studied a bunch of design variations.
It's a technical process, you may be leaving money on the table if you ignore it, the Google Webmaster Tools have a free slit test function.

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offer some discounts or 10% OFF on your products.
you can also add limited offer products or discount for limited period on festivals.
that may attract them to buy soon.

by Trigo - 1 year ago