I actually need help starting an online business, can someone help?

So guys, I already have my own website, and I plan on making videos for YouTube soon. So I know that if I do actually become big on YouTube fans might want something to show that they watch me and think I am funny. I would like to start my own online store where I sell shirts, hoodies, sleevless shirts, and maybe even tank tops. The only really problem that I am having is that I am having trouble finding a company that I can make a contract with and have them produce my products but I will sell them. If somebody knows a company that can help that would be greatly appreciated. On my last question, I got a lot of downer comments and I hte downer comments, so if you have one, keep to yourself because I don't care.

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There are certainly a number of T-shirt printers online, some may have min volumes of 10 or so pieces.

A better way to test the waters may be to upload your art to one of the print on demand sites like or where you can setup a 'store' setting your own price markups. Prices will be a bit higher this way, but fanatical fans should may anything.

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You start by going to then you ____________________________ to set up the buisness.


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