if you are trying to build a business (small one) and your taking pics of your suppliers site to create a link?

when i do this how do i get rid of the underline. cus when unrun the mouse over it it shows u the website where i bought it off??

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I'm guessing you might be using images hosted on the supplier site, this is not a good practice, they generally don't like someone 'stealing' server bandwidth and if there is any question if the ethics of your showing these images, your leaving your server address in their log files that might track you down.

You may be needing to study more about web site management.

Ideally you would use images provided for dealers, at least down from their site and upload from your had drive to your server. They probably have no issues with legit dealer, sites like Rolex, Nike are protective of their resources that a counterfeit site might employ and may have blanket policies restricting image use.

1 year ago

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Good suppliers will provide you with images of their products to help you with your marketing so just contact them and ask.

by Neil - 1 year ago