Can someone tell me what Software is used for back linking ?

Im assuming it takes to long to be done manually? Thanks

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Automated backlink spamming software as not as selective as manual backlinking, with the search engines increased awareness of SEO spam too many low quality links added too quickly can sabotage a site's ranking.
Most of the automation tools are too expensive for individual operators, it may be better to pay a freelance SEO to get such links, you can find them on marketing forums and One of the more versatile, not too evil SEO assistance tools is SEnuke.

One strategy suggested by one of these automation experts is to create links in proportion to the number of visitors you have had. Search engines attempt to estimate the traffic to a site, logic dictates that backlinks not violating the search engine guidelines would be created by a small percentage of visitors, perhaps less than 1 in 10, a brand new site only getting 5 visitors a day should probably not get more than 1 or 2 added backlink a day at first.

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