Ads showing up on every website I visit?

Every time I log onto twitter it shows adds above the "Compose new Tweet" and above the actual timeline, which it hasn't any other day I've logged in. They're also on every other site I visit, even this one. Below each ad it says "Ads by Browse to Save". I don't have "Browse to Save" downloaded so I have no idea why these ads keep showing up all of a sudden, and they won't go away no matter how many times I refresh the page. How can I make them go away and what are they from..?

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Install the AdBlocker plug-in for Firefox.

1 year ago

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scan your system for malware and adwares.

by eddie - 1 year ago

Browse to save is the company that puts the ads there you dolt. Ads are how websites stay alive. Just ignore them. If you tooks ads away there would be no websites or anything on the internet.

by Scarlet - 1 year ago

How to Remove Browse to Save Adware

Just Google "Browse to Save" for many more guides.

by Jake - 1 year ago