How do i build a website for my business?

I am wanting to bust my business an need some info on how to do a free website. What all do I need for it? Domain name or I don't know ..... help please
Free is preferedy my appliance store is at a very slow point.

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Google's is very popular, such blog engines require no programming, has enough style theme options that you can make the site look somewhat business like. Custom domains look more professional and help you maintain better continuity, should you need to change hosts.

Free Google places pages can easily rank in searches within your community, yahoo and bing have similar pages use the same exact address format in all online listings to help the search engines count them up. Getting free citations in Superpages, yellowpages, yelp, etc. may help your local listing position, getting into the top 7 on page 1 is important.

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Just a totally different thought: why not create a Facebook Fanpage?

by Élise - 1 year ago use this find for keyword ideas and for your domain but not use your keyword for your domain name!

by Jonn - 1 year ago

if u want free website then webs. com is best domain u can work on. domain name what business u are dealing with or u can book on your name domain.

by Jack - 1 year ago