How to make money blogging?

I wanna know how some bloggers make money even instead of a full time job. For example, there are recipe blogs and I wanna know how they make money.

I wanna also start a blog, may be on voice sinning lessons, or on nutrition and weight control during pregnancy and after baby is born.

I don't know......

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"sinning lessons" a popular topic...

Most people who try, fail to make significant money on the internet. To actually make a living from web site advertising, you may need something around 500,000 or more visitors a month, depending on the site type.

To even get 1000 visitors a month, which may buy you coffee, you need to have quality original content, to do spectacularly well you have to create a site that is a leader in it's field, consistently appearing on page #1 of search results for popular terms.

Treat the site like a professional publication, picking a primary subject it focuses on. Writing or buying a few new quality 500+ word articles a week. Learning SEO techniques is needed to get lots of search traffic.

Affiliate links have larger earning potential than renting ad space. Once you have decent traffic you can test different offers for conversion, until you find some that pay well. Pregnancy wright control is specialized that you would not be directly competing with thousands of sites, like with basic weight loss, one of the most competitive topics, providing you can find more than one candidates for affiliate links. Try searching the marketplace at Clickbank for ebook titles related to your interest you could promote.

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Through ads. First you will need to start getting views and lots of them if not many people view your blogs then ads won't get you much money. But once you have a large audience you can get ads on your website and you get paid that way. Another thing you could do is start a YouTube channel and essentially do the same thing just in videos.

by Life - 1 year ago

Hi! The best way to monetize your blog would be through affiliate marketing. Clickbank is a good website for that, but there are others. On Clickbank you can choose the categories then find the appropriate products to promote whether through writing reviews or banners.

Blackhatworld is also a good forum to find techniques.

I also recommend Blogging with John Chow for beginners.


by BO - 1 year ago

There's a site called that was initiated in the early years of 2012, and since then, it has been showing remarkable progress. It's still developing, but they pay you $0.01 per

View, Like/Dislike, and comment you receive for your blog posts. They have a 10 day limit, which isn't too bad, and you can easily get started by signing up for free!

You can literally post anything you want, but try to be unique and at least go for 300+ word articles/blogs.

I typically write on average 600-1,500+ word blogs because I've been practicing and improving daily on my writing. It really adds up, and it's a nice site to test your skills as a potential blogger.

As for independent blogging, it's best to do some keyword research to find the right niche. Try to find long tailed keywords (keywords with more than 3 words) so that you focus on a targeted audience that actually has a decent amount of traffic.

You want to be careful with Google Adsense, and you should mix up your sources of revenue.

Hope this helps. :P

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