I'm starting a new website in a couple of days, which type would be better?

I've tried to start my own website before and now I want to try again. The first one was an adult site which did pretty good for the time that it was up. the second was a social site which was alright. Now I want to do the same thing but add a store. I have done my research and all of the businesses are BBB accredited for the products that I want to sell. I am open for suggestions which type do you think is better? A social site for everyone, an adult, a simple store front or one of the other two plus a store?

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One more thing along those lines would be an Amazon affiliate 'store' you can get catalog images, data on a select subject from an Amazon feed, the process can be fairly automatic, earning some 4% to 8% on sales.

Typically getting search ranking and free traffic is a top priority, picking a niche that not as competitive so your a big fish in a small pond can be better than competing with the mega sites.

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yeah this will be good else you can open this link(, i use these lists provided them to market my business and i am getting good results.

by Alex - 1 year ago