Can we target a website in a different country?

Can we target a website in a different country's google search engine? I am in India and i want to create a website which i want to be shown on google US search engine results because the keywords i am targeting is having no search volume in India.

-Is it possible for me to target?
-How to target?
-Will it be automatically targeted and appeared in US google?

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Of course you can. Everything depends on effective keyword research. You will need to find the proper keyword for your niche - ones with low competition, but enough searches.

Moreover, I recommend to register a .com domain as it is international.

If your website has good content and optimized, plus you have good backlinks, you can rank.


1 year ago

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Yes it is possible. Just make sure you have a .com or .net domain extension. You will target this with normal search engine optimization.

Well optimized websites for any keyword will show up in search engines all over the world. You don't need to do anything special from India to have a site show up in the US Google results other than having a top level domain (.com, .net, .org).

Good keyword selection, proper on page optimization, and good linking strategy will push you up in the SERPS.

Hope this helps.


by Jack - 1 year ago

Yes it is possible.


by Shaista Jabeen - 1 year ago