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    What else can a blogger do, aside from posting fresh content, to ensure traffic and ranking will increase?

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    Web 2.0's. These are social media sites.. think of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr etc... these all can be used to drive traffic to your website but also to increase your rankings in google. How do I know this ? I have some websites myself, and I noticed that especially these social media sites can be very good for increasing your traffic. Furthermore, if you really put the time and effort in it you will get alot of contacts and people who will be regular visitors. Add people that are related to your website-topic on these social media, they generally follow you if you follow them. Keep posting on these sites and add your website link in these and in 1-3 months you will have high rankings on google. Have to update at least once every other day though if you want to do it good. Good luck man !
    3 years ago

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