Ebay question? 10 pts?

On ebay, I canceled 7 awaiting payments, with the seller's agreement.
Now it says:

Current : Active-0 Winning-0 Ammount-0

then it says

ended (last 60 days): won: 8 ammount: 105 canadian

What does that mean? like the won 8 , ammount 105.00 does this mean i already payed? and its being shipped?

1 year ago - 2 answers

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no that is just their records in case any issues come up with those past transactions.

1 year ago

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No, you haven't paid and nothing is being shipped to you.

You were lucky the seller was happy to cancel 7 purchases - you've cost them a lot of money! Please don't do it again, if you buy on ebay that commits you to paying.

by Happiness Starship - 1 year ago