Which PTC sites are the best ?

Hello Everyone
can you please Introduce me some PTC sites that they actually Paid And are not scam ?
(Maximum 20 Sites)
Thank you

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Hello my friend .... i put the most popular PTC sites at my weblog ( in 12 languages! ), check this out !

i introduced 17 PTC sites in My weblog that they're not scam or cheater and the below of them is their "PAYMENT PROOF" and every Details that you want to know about that site ....

i hope that be useful for you ;)


1 year ago

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here is a list of trusted ptc sites they pay on time. but you have to be a regular clicker and need many referrals

here is a beginners guide to ptc sites

by saad - 6 months ago

most guaranteed and fast ptc site

by asad - 4 months ago

I doubt you actually need a list. A list of PTC is actually useless a review of each more likely what you want check this out:


by chucki - 2 months ago

Here is a month old site with the best PTC sites, and with a strategy guide:

by Tyckett - 1 week ago

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by Nlm - 1 week ago