Without SEO a website is of little value?

Is it true a website without SEO doesn't worth its building payment? Because it would bring few customers.

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Nope, but it would better to apply and you are able to get before SEO after SEO for your business.

1 year ago

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YEAH ! you are absolutely right.without SEO,a website cann't be giant in online
but,remember.SEO isn't a one time work.because,search engine always change their search algorithm.
there are so many kinds of seo like paid ,free,on page,off page and many more..
thank you.stay well

by Anupom deb Nath - 1 year ago

SEO is the is really good way to get traffic.

by Reba - 1 year ago

Seo is compulsory for business web site who are selling some thing online they need advertising for getting more sales.

by Asim Ad - 1 year ago

Now we can say that it`s true without SEO website can not get more traffic so it`s necessary to optimize the website...


by Gary - 1 year ago

That's 100% correct in my opinion.

Building a website, is like having a second storefront online. What's the point of building a website no one can find? If you don't do the SEO, no one can find it.
Get high quality SEO done.


by Maxinder - 1 year ago

No, SEO is just a new way to promote your websites.It's true that SEO can bring traffic and customers. But if you build good things for customers and try some other advertising method, customers will come to you, too. No all websites get along well with SEO.


by Mike - 1 year ago

From SEO u can target your customer as well as your country to increase your sale or traffic.


by vickymore - 1 year ago