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    how can i see my blogger traffic and earning?

    how can i see my blogger traffic and earning?
    a few seconds ago 3 Answers

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    The most vital thing that you as a webmaster should do is monitoring the web traffic with greater attention. Know where from they are coming and where they are going on your website. Remember, proper understanding of the user habits can significantly boost up your revenue. Well, you can add a free tracking service inserting some code into your website or make good use of Google’s effective Analytics which can certainly serve your purpose. To know about your earning stats, you can log into your Adsense account and get a clear view. Let’s get you three statistics programs that you can use- For Beginners – StatCounter Program Intermediate – Google Analytics Advanced Webmasters - AWStats
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • To see blogger traffic you have to use web analyzers like Google's analystics, w3counter, clicky, statcounter etc. For earning try adbrite.com, bidvertiser.com, Google's adsense.

      by Vincent - 12 hours ago

    • You can add a free tracking service wit a few lines of code, either Google's powerful Analytics that will tell you more than you need to know or the lighter Statcounter.com. You didn't hint at what king of earning you expect, Google Adsense is most likely, log into your Adsense account to get earning stats.

      by Jake - 12 hours ago

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