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    What's a good, FREE background check website?

    I'm needing to do a background check. All the sites I go to charge. Is there any 100% FREE sites I can use to run a background check?
    15 days ago 2 Answers

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    Of course not - the folks putting together the background check are doing work and they expect to get paid for doing the work and putting together the product. Expecting to get something like this for free is similar to your employer expecting you to come to work for free.
    a few seconds ago

    Other Answers

    • Why would anyone do all that work and then make it FREE?

      by David14 - 11 hours ago

    • Being working in a detective company from the last 10 years. I have been incharge of the team who used to maintain records of people who have been involved in the criminal activities/ any case again him/ divorce and many other type of records. All our records are being uploaded on http://www.criminaldetector.com/ , we are not the only company whose data is uploaded on the site but there are around 100s of companies involved with the criminal detector. So if you need to figure out the confidential details of a person that it can be easily done through it. But to access those record you need to pay a small one time fee then only you will be able to do such things. There are lots of detective companies are currently tied up with http://www.criminaldetector.com/ and still joining.

      by ? - 11 hours ago

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